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Our Story

Jeff and I both attended the University of Kentucky for undergraduate degrees, his in biology and mine in civil engineering. It would seem our paths may have come close to crossing at several points prior to our meeting; he frequently visited friends in Holmes hall while I was a resident there, he had a German class with my best friend and often met her in the engineering building where I spent time between classes, and when I moved to my first apartment he habitually visited friends in a unit adjoining mine. Our paths weren’t meant to converge until day 2 of graduate school, where a professor assigned teams based on personality tests. The test results in the hands of Dr. Holbein were enough to finally set the stage for our meet cute. As the class shifted to sit with new groups we covertly eyed each other for dating potential, but were too shy to make a move so soon. The group work provided the excuse to exchange numbers and it didn’t take long before the “study” portion was dropped from our study dates.

We continually worked together through the one year MBA and with the support of many classmates, friends, and family, graduated from the program. At the time of graduation neither of us had a job offer set in stone, nor did we know if we would continue to be in the same city or if we would attempt a long distance relationship. Yet again we were blessed that our paths should continue together when we each received our best job offers from companies only 20 minutes apart. We have since settled into the Hamburg area of Lexington and enjoy finding new ways to fill the time that was previously filled with homework.

We love to walk to dinner, bringing my dog with us when evenings are nice enough for patio dining, and ride our bikes through the scenic neighborhoods and parks of Lexington. Jeff is patiently teaching me how to play tennis, and I am attempting to patiently learn golf. I am endeavoring to teach him to cook but on the most peaceful nights I am alone in the kitchen, he is happy to eat anything I make, and my dog Twinkie is happy to clean any pans or plates set in front of her. Our more exciting escapades usually involve me dragging Jeff on a travel related adventure, or Jeff dragging me to a sporting related event. We are both beyond excited to be together as we embark on our biggest adventure yet, to the altar and beyond.



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