Tioga Falls

Jeff has mentioned hiking Tioga Falls to me several times but we’ve never quite made it up there. This weekend was the day to do it though. We decided to get our butts moving at a decent hour, minimize the forecasted heat and humidity, and make the hike before continuing south to visit his family. It’s a short trail (I believe 1.86 one way), but after a fairly lengthy bike ride the previous night we weren’t looking for anything more rigorous.

The trail follows an old stagecoach road that stretched from Louisville to Nashville. Some of the retaining walls that were built to support the road can still be seen. The wheel paths are still obvious and a much easier walk than the middle rocky ground. I wouldn’t call the path “smooth” by any stretch of the imagination and even when stretching the imagination it’s amazing that anyone ever thought it possible to traverse the area on wooden wheels. We’re both constantly surprised that Kentucky was ever settled. Some areas are rolling hills and great farmland, but it’s some pretty rugged landscape to cross before the gentler areas. We can’t even fathom how thick the area must have been before settlement and population. Few American Indian tribes ever settled the area and instead left it as a sacred hunting ground.

That being said we did make the hike, we did enjoy cooling off in the cold water, we did make it to the car before Jeff’s legs started shaking, and I did successfully carry my pack without discomfort. There’s another trail just over 2 miles that we’ll have to try another day. I could use all the training I can get before my fall trip. Happy trails y’all!


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