Brownies and Brest

Long time no post! Especially where food has been involved… The adventures have continued, but they’ve largely been first attempts at recipes and those generally don’t turn out well enough to warrant a picture. I will however give a quick update on two new recipes I/we have tried.

Tiramisu Brownies

The first was a Pinterest recipe I’d found long ago, but never had an opportunity to mix up. After craving brownies for a week straight I decided to try this deluxe version. I found it acceptable, but nothing extraordinary. It’s an easy upgrade to a normal pan of brownies, but neither I nor the fiance (that’s a fun new word for me!)  particularly loved it. I took the leftovers to a lunch meeting and received lots of praise and thanks for them so I guess it depends on taste and what you’re looking for. My office tends to be accepting of just about anything. The process of making the brownies went smoothly with the exception of the coffee… I believe that the quantity expressed in the recipe is to refer to coffee grounds and not brewed coffee. I didn’t taste any coffee flavor in my batch, but I’m not a coffee drinker so I didn’t feel as if I were missing anything.

Did you say… Brest?? Really?

After the lackluster results of the brownies, I was up for a much more challenging recipe. Jeffrey has recently discovered the Great British Bake Off and is fascinated with the different techniques involved in baking and I love how varied the types of recipes and sweets are. I often feel like American shows and palettes can get in a cupcake/cookie/doughnut rut. What we ended up making may look like a doughnut but it was nothing like anything I had ever made before.

The “doughnut” reminded me more of a dinner roll but less fluffy and more like a batter. Fun fact, “choux” is the type of dough but it’s pronounced like “shoe” and is in relation to the dough used in churros! Jeff was quite disappointed when the whipped cream wasn’t sweet but had a fun time whipping the snot out of the cream and vigorously beating the dough.. No sugar is added to the cream in this recipe but there is a praline layer on either side of the cream to provide the sweetness in each bite. We’re still working on more delicate tasks like “folding” into a mixture, but his enthusiasm and attention to detail suggest he has excellent potential to be a proficient baker. Look at his pretty circle after only one other attempt! We all know I cannot make a shape even to save my life. His detail and my experience made a good team for the new adventure into fancy foreign desserts. I think they’d be a perfect little treat for a fancy brunch or tea. They look beautiful and really don’t take all that much effort. I was a fan, but Jeffrey declared that he gets to pick the next recipe. At least he suggested he’s open to more attempts!

The proportions of the recipe were off to me. There were ample amounts of both filling and praline, so I’d suggest halving those or doubling the dough quantities.



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