Old Stomping Grounds

It had been many years, but my family went back to some of our old stomping grounds for a weekend trip. We started at Turkey Run with my family, my aunt’s family, and an extra cousin. It was a bit chillier than we expected for the weekend, but manageable. We kept ourselves warm with a canoeing and hiking trip down Sugar Creek and through the canyon of Turkey Run State Park. It’s one of my favorite places to hike because aside from its beauty, there aren’t many hills! At least none on the magnitude that Kentucky usually has. The creek through the park is very gentle with lots of pebble beaches for splashing. In addition to being gentle it’s notoriously shallow for watercraft. Thankfully there had been plenty of rain so no one had to carry their canoe/kayak and we only dragged bottom when we weren’t paying attention to sandbar locations. Some struggled with this significantly more than others. You know who you are.

That night we feasted by the campfire and celebrated a birthday with lots of cupcakes. Of course where there is a fire, you can find me stuffing my face with marshmallows. Thankfully I’d worn myself out and wanted to get to bed more than I wanted to keep eating marshmallows. We’d be doing a lot of walking the next day and I needed some extra z’s.

That next day was trekked west to Newport, Indiana’s annual Hill Climb festival. Every year the town hosts hundreds of antique and vintage cars and blocks off the main highway out of town so each can test their mettle up the steep hill. It’s no issue for today’s cars, but at the time the automobile was first invented and developed, getting up the hill wasn’t an easy task. The entire town is blocked off for the event and streets are lined with either cars on display, or booths selling crafts, car accessories, food, and standard flea market goods. With full bellies and tired feet we made our way back to the campsites for expedited packing and a long venture home.


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